20 Heart & Soul Experts Share Their Biggest Keys to Creating a Happy H.O.M.E. and Raising Value-Centered Kids


Healthy. Open. Motivated. Engaged.

Dear Conscious Parent,

I believe that we all, whether parent or child, instinctively long for a happy home and have a deep need to create and experience this home as well as an innate sense of what that feels and looks like. We tend to think that if we are clear and conscious about our parenting choices, we will be able to provide this harmonious and happy home for our children. But then the children are born and well, it’s a bit different than we’d imagined.


I know that a confident and conscious parent is a happy parent, and I do not want you to be blindsided and end up feeling that you are doing something wrong. So, I am hosting The Happy HOME Project Telesummit to support you in creating the Healthy, Open, Motivated and Engaged (H.O.M.E.) home of your dreams in tune with what is most important to you.

You are well aware that a happy home entails multiple elements, but you do not want to listen to just anyone. There are so many people out there, including well-meaning friends, family and parents at the park, who share tips which are not aligned with your core values and principles. You are a parent who has given a lot of thought to how you want to create a home and a life. I get that, so I have been very choosy about the 20 guests I’ve invited, and I have told them about you, about what matters to you in your home life.

It has all turned out even better than I’d hoped, as each guest expert shares their passion and delight in supporting you to build that happy HOME.

You see, I told you there were a lot of elements, so I had to limit it to just 20. (If you would like to see who the experts are, just scroll further down but don’t forget to sign up for the event first)

During this totally FREE event (yes, even the recordings are free from May 11th until May 24th) you’ll discover:

  • self-care tips for your health and nutrition
  • recipes for nutritious cooking with children
  • steps to stop the torment of perfectionism and trying to be it all
  • the effect of Affirmations with children and teens to support them in overcoming obstacles
  • a different perspective on your couples relationship so it can be amazing
  • how to design your child’s room and the family spaces to best foster positive development and harmony
  • ideas for integrating the joys and responsibilities of a family pet
  • forms to introduce an inclusive spirituality as a family

And there’s more on family finances, coping well with stress, de-cluttering (even for parents of young children), creative celebrations, the significance of service in teaching values, and of course heart-and-soul-centered parenting tools.

As a real BONUS the last call will be a 1.5 hour Coach-a-thon where I will be offering live coaching on any parenting questions you have. If I can’t address your question right on the call, I’ll get back to you on it.

So what are you waiting for? Get access to all 20 calls, and the entire package of recordings sent direct to your inbox after the event! But they are only free until May 24th, after that they will be sold in our store. So now is your chance to win big.

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But there’s more! As my bonus to you, I am sharing with you my new activity workbook, 10 Tips on What to Say to Kids When You Don’t Know What to Say.

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20 Heart & Soul Experts Share Their Biggest Keys to Creating a Happy H.O.M.E. and Raising Value-Centered Kids

A FREE Telesummit – From May 11th to May 22nd



I’ll send you reminders each day and we’ll have a great time, because it’s all about our favorite topic!

The Happy HOME Project is a creation of Kathleen Hennessy, delighted owner of PeaceWorks Coaching designed to support you in your journey of being a conscious parent.

Would you like to check out the expert panel?

Take a look at our esteemed confirmed list!

More are being added daily, so check-in with us to see our updated list!

Kathleen Hennessy

Kathleen Hennessy, Your Host

Topic: How to Connect More Deeply with Your Child

Parent educator Kathleen Hennessy, owner of PeaceWorks Coaching and founder of PeaceWorks Parenting, is the host of The Happy H.O.M.E. Project. Kathleen carries a torch for a peaceful world through peace in families and aims to spread its light further through this project. Kathleen will share her vision of healing through parenting with deep listening and positive discipline.

When not working on The Happy H.O.M.E. Project, Kathleen guides stressed and frustrated parents to establish a loving, laughing, learning family life with PeaceWorks Parenting, a heart-and-soul mindfulness-based approach to parenting which fosters cooperation, self-responsibility and strong confidence. Her popular workshops, talks, and 1:1 coaching and parenting programs have transformed the lives of 100s of families since 1983. Kathleen draws on a wealth of experience in family counseling and progressive education to support families to find the approach that best suits their unique needs and values.


Angela Artemis www.poweredbyintuition.com
Angela Artemis

Angela Artemis

Topic: How to Connect More Deeply with Your Child

Angela is a intuition coach who teaches you to develop and follow your intuition so that you can stop hiding from life  follow your inner voice and become inspired and motivated to find your purpose and follow your biggest dreams so you too can say, “My Life is Awesome!”. She pulls from her personal history of neglecting to listen to her inner voice and deferring major decisions to family/friends to help you to avoid making the similar missteps and strengthen your confidence within yourself. She is also an astrologer, EFT tapper, clairvoyant and medium from the New York Area


Bernie Brown www.thecanineinsight.com
Bernie Brown

Bernie Brown

Topic: Help! The Kids Want a Pet

Bernie is a Canine Communicator & Behavior Consultant and the CEO of The Canine Insight. She has also been a professional Pet-sitter for the past 5 years.
Bernie has been an animal lover and advocate all her life. She holistically helps families and their pets to not only solve behavioral problems but to better understand and nurture the special relationship that can be life changing between a human and their animal companion.

As an ex- manager of an animal rescue organization, her dream is to one day see shelters, rescues and adoption centers empty of all unwanted and homeless animals as we embrace the true nature of the real relationship we can have with the animals that live along-side us.


Carrie Roldan www.carrieroldan.com
Carrie Roldan

Carrie Roldan

Topic: The Journey From “Just a Mom” to Successful Mompreneur

Carrie Roldan is fiercely committed to “lifting” entrepreneurs with a big mission but limited time to the level of business success they envision.  Highly energetic and super passionate about helping entrepreneurs to find their business groove, Carrie is a born connector with a unique gift  for helping people find their niche, create a product that serves them, and market it online in a way that resonates with their ideal client but still feels totally authentic. Besides her work as a business strategist and consultant for mompreneurs, Carrie also hosts an online TV show (#carrieroldanshow), and online community (gl/6kdOiJ) to support mompreneurs in body, mind, and business.  And if that weren’t enough, she an accomplished runner, and best-selling author of Run Yourself Happy; A five step training program, to release anxiety and create space for miracles.   


Elaine Cooper www.yourbetterlivingcoach.com
Elaine Cooper

Elaine Cooper

Topic: Eating for Energy

Elaine Cooper, Your Better Living Coach/Chef is fiercely committed to support women entrepreneurs & business professionals. She has been called the “Guru” for taking the hassle out of healthy with practical eating and lifestyle adjustments for those that want or need to make adjustments to their eating and lifestyle habits. Elaine says “Eat whole (real) food”. It seems simple enough. You’ve heard it all. But how do you make it happen in your own kitchen? She listens to your needs & guide you with a step-by-step plan and one-on-one support to make it all work for you and your family saving you time and money in the process. Elaine’s mission and commitment is take the hassle out of healthy to put more FUN into choosing, cooking and eating real food alleviating the stress and worry of whether you or your family are eating healthy enough


Elaine Stephanos & Steve Conlan www.MojoLifeCoaches.com
Elaine Stephanos & Steve Conlan

Elaine Stephanos & Steve Conlan

Topic: Annihilating Anxiety + Punting Perfectionism = A Happy Home

Steve Conlan and Elaine Stephanos, internationally known as the “MoJo Duo” are Clinical Therapists and Co-founders of MoJo Life Coaches. Drawing upon a combined 50+ years of self-development education, they’re trained and certified by the world-renowned Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, who is ranked among the Top-20 Family Therapists in the World, along with other mental and spiritual health experts.

Their “global mission” is to annihilate unnecessary suffering, transforming people’s lives from Overwhelm, Anxiety, Stress and Depression into Joy, Passion, Peace & Love. Their POWERFUL and PROVEN strategies heal families struggling with difficult life challenges, and they are experts in behavior dynamics having worked with all age groups, from kids to seniors.


Eliane Sainte-Marie www.CoachingForWholeness.com
Eliane Sainte-Marie

Eliane Sainte-Marie

Topic: It’s possible to raise whole children and have parenting be EASY!

Eliane Sainte-Marie is a parenting and emotional healing coach and a mom of 3 daughters, ages 17 through 22, who through lots of trial and error figured out a way to have wonderful ease and harmony in her family while maintaining her unwavering focus on raising her daughters to be whole. She founded Parenting For Wholeness, which has the mission of:1) Teaching and helping parents integrate the very clean, respectful and effective parenting principles which lead to ease and harmony in families while fully honoring children’s spirits. 2)Helping parents heal from the damages of their childhood and the negative conditioning from society so that they can consistently parent in alignment with their values, and live from a place of wholeness themselves.


Ellen Hayakawa www.EllenHayakawa.com
Ellen Hayakawa

Ellen Hayakawa

Topic: Happy You, Happy Children, Happy Home: How You Can Have It All!!

Ellen Hayakawa is the author of The Inspired Organization: Spirituality and Energy at Work, coauthor of The Workplace and Spirituality: New Perspectives on Research and Practice and is the founder of the Divinely Inspired Leaders. At Divinely Inspired Leaders, she trains, coaches and mentors clients to lead passionate lives by discovering their divinely inspired life purpose and vision and do the work they were meant to do by applying their spiritual wisdom including psychic, intuitive and healing gifts. Ellen is definitely a visionary, pioneer and expert in the area of children’s spirituality. She’s brought the message of living your spiritual purpose as the only way to truly live, to millions of people via the media and including speaking on stages and telesummits with Deepak Chopra, Matthew Fox, Marci Schimoff and Janet Bray Atwood.


Heather Montoya www.flowcoaching.net
Heather Montoya

Heather Montoya

Topic: How Clutter Impacts Your Parenting (and How to Fix It)

With a background in health promotion and education, and a strong passion for positive parenting, Heather Montoya is dedicated to helping parents create balance and happiness, reduce stress and overwhelm, and live so they can fully enjoy their children and lives. Running her business from her home office, while taking care of her two young children, maintaining the house (mostly), and making sure all the “ fires” of the day are extinguished, Heather has become an expert on finding balance and happiness, regardless of how crazy life gets. Heather combines her own experience with burnout, stress, and overwhelm with her extraordinary ability to help parents get clear, stay focused, and take action…and get amazing results!


Jennifer and Peter Dispstraten www.familyco.com
Jennifer and Peter Dispstraten

Jennifer and Peter Dispstraten

Topic: The Keys to Keeping Your Love Alive (Even with the Kids Around!)

Jennifer Diepstraten, CEO and co-founder, runs FamilyCo alongside her husband Peter. They specialize in helping people whose relationships didn’t turn out how they thought they would have amazing relationships anyway. Peter and Jennifer’s partnership has lifted them up to fulfill their most cherished dreams and accomplish what they couldn’t have done on their own. They are speakers, mentors, and trainers of their flagship program Relationship Success Secrets. Peter and Jennifer have a blended
family comprised of a 12-year old son, 3 year-old son, 29-year old daughter, and three grandchildren. Jennifer has studied interpersonal relationships for 20 years, holds a degree in Biopsychology and a Masters of Science, and Peter lead programs for 6 years for one of the largest personal development companies in the world.


Jim Kirwan www.getamericamoving.com
Jim Kirwan

Jim Kirwan

Topic: The X Factor RECIPE for Families

Jim Kirwan is the creator of Get America Moving and an author, speaker and coach. His book “The eXercise Factor” was released in January and it shows you how to “ease into the best shape of your life, regardless of your age, weight or current fitness level.






20 Heart & Soul Experts Share Their Biggest Keys to Creating a Happy H.O.M.E. and Raising Value-Centered Kids

A FREE Telesummit – From May 11th to May 22nd




Karolina LaBrecque www.helptogrowinstitue.com
Karolina LaBrecque

Karolina LaBrecque

Topic: Family Life After Autism Diagnosis

Karolina LaBrecque holds a Ph.D in Physical Rehabilitation and MS in Psychology. She has 15 years of experience working as a therapist and coach. Her specialization is in autism but in her professional career she worked with people affected by multiple diagnosis, ranging from developmental disorders through cancer to weight loss issues and family/life problems. Her clients range from age 2 to 70+ and come from all backgrounds.

Besides being a therapist and a coach Karolina is also an educator. She teaches at the local college and every year speaks at various international conferences.


Kathleen Murray www.kmchangeisgood.com
Kathleen Murray

Kathleen Murray

Topic: Is Your Job Making You a Bad Parent or Spouse?

We have many parts to us and often times how we feel about one area of our life “bleeds” into the other. That is why Kathleen Murray is so passionate about helping people get out of their J.O.B. and live their purpose instead. When people are loving what they do every day, they are better parents and spouses. They’re more positive, loving, peaceful and content.

Kathleen will address “Is Your Job Making You a Bad Parent or Spouse?” where she shares great tips on how to leave the stress of the job behind and bring your best self home each day. She also has some tips on how to explore a new career path if the one you are on is not the right path for you. Great information for working moms and dads.


Kellie Hill www.kelliehillnutrition.com
Kellie Hill

Kellie Hill

Topic: Cooking and Eating Together as a Family – without it turning into a war zone!

In my work as a parenting coach, family meals and food themes come up frequently, so I definitely wanted to have a guest expert address the issue. Bestselling author and television personality, Kellie Hill, is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, founder of The Right Plan Nutrition Counseling, and former International Radio Talk Show Host of Eat Well to Live Well with Kellie Hill. Her greatest roles are as wife, mother, and survivor of both heart attacks and a stroke.

As the Oregon Ambassador for the American Heart Association and Mended Hearts Visitor, Kellie continues to devote her life and work to helping others find their healthiest diet too. That includes kids, parents, and families because the value of a family that sits down and eats together can never be underestimated.


Lani Hill www.raisinganewworld.com
Lani Hill

Lani Hill

Topic: Let’s Spark the Children’s Movement

Lani Hill has been a long-time seeker of the keys to deep personal and interpersonal healing. Her 30 year search has taken her to many different countries and through training in many healing modalities. The process of raising her own children led her back to the source – the early years, so she founded New Dimension Family Support to work with parents and young children. She is an advocate for building strong family foundations and preserving the essentials of a healthy childhood – Play, Connection to Nature, Strong Family and Community Relationships.

She is the mother of two vibrantly alive young adults and has been working in the field of Early Childhood education for nearly 20 years.


Mira Reisberg http://www.childrensbookacademy.com/
Mira Reisberg

Dr. Mira Reisberg

Topic: Facing Fear with Children’s Books and Art (for children and adults)

Dr. Mira Reisberg, AKA the Picture Book Whisperer, is an award-winning, best-selling children’s book illustrator and author with over 600,000 books sold. She is also the founding instructor of the Children’s Book Academy (www.childrensbookacademy.com ) where she, along with other experts, have helped many authors write or illustrate and publish wonderful children’s books. Over the past 28 years, Mira has worn just about every hat in the industry including working as a professional editor, art director, graphic designer and teaching children’s literature and art education as a university professor. As the daughter of Holocaust survivors, Mira is on a mission to help make the world a better place through empowering others to access their creativity and joy, whether writing or making art.


Nicky Stansbury

Nicky Stansbury

Topic: The Full Plate Syndrome

Nicky Stansbury is the Owner and Stress Management Life Coach of NichoLyn Coaching and La Palmera Spa. Her expertise in living with less stress stems from a combination of owning 3 businesses, mothering two teenage girls, and being a wife to an awesome husband (who works away a lot). Nicky personally experienced the detrimental effects of stress which resulted in being hooked up to an EKG machine and transformed that experience into supporting others through her unique stress reduction programs. More important than her degrees in Psychology, Human Services, and as a Life Coach, Nicky has the gifts of deep insight and healing.

As the creator of the “Full Plate Syndrome,” in our conversation, Nicky shares with us how to recognize the syndrome and the importance of putting yourself first and living life in a MindBodyStressLess state and even the first steps toward doing so. Since parents tend to feel that putting themselves first is impossible at least until the kids are older, this interview is a must-hear for all parents.


Noah St. John www.NoahStJohn.com
Noah St. John

Noah St. John

Topic: Boost Income and Self-Confidence Using Power Habits® – For busy people who want to make success automatic!

Noah St. John is a keynote speaker and best-selling author who is famous for inventing Afformations® and helping mission-driven entrepreneurs accelerate income, boost self-confidence, and enjoy financial freedom.His sought-after advice is known as the “secret sauce” to overcome limiting beliefs and create lasting achievement.

According to Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: “Noah St. John’s work is about discovering within ourselves what we should have known all along – we are truly powerful beings with unlimited potential.”


Rennie Gabriel www.WealthOnAnyIncome.com
Rennie Gabriel

Rennie Gabriel

Topic: The 3 Secrets to Create Wealth On Any Income

Rennie supports individuals and business owners to create work as a choice, instead of a requirement, just as he did for himself. As a highly rated instructor at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), Rennie uses his award winning best-selling book, Wealth On Any Income, to teach participants how to handle money effectively from both the emotional/psychological aspects as well as the practical components. Rennie currently provides extensive consumer education on real estate and finance topics.
He was a single parent for about 3 years after his first divorce. His two children have given him four grandchildren. Rennie is married for the last time to Dianne Merryl, who is a true partner in every sense of the word.


Sherry Richert Belul www.simplycelebrate.net
Sherry Richert Belul

Sherry Richert Belul

Topic: Making Moments into Gifts: Bringing more creativity and joy into your family life

When it comes to celebration, Sherry has a simple philosophy: life is extraordinary and fleeting; celebrate now. As the founder of Simply Celebrate, Sherry helps people appreciate who they are and the people they love through customized tribute books and other one-of-a-kind imaginative and impactful gifts, life coaching, and inspirational books/articles. Make moments into gifts!

In our chat together, “Making Moments into Gifts: Bringing more creativity and joy into your family life,” Sherry shares some unique and quirky ideas on how to bring more celebration into your life and to create deeper relationships with the people you love.  Her delightfully quirky originality crackles across the ether and you feel more creative and free just listening to her. Sherry shares as well a bit of how she has used creativity as a vehicle for healing and how you could too.


Tina Galardi www.colourkids.com.au
Tina Galardi

Tina Galardi,

Topic: Happy Home and Happy Family

Having suffered through a failed franchise business, Tina Galardi employed her skills as a Holistic Design Consultant using Feng Shui, Numerology and Colour in her own home to restore balance and calm. Having experienced the positive benefits on herself, her husband, and their two children with renewed positive energy, Tina set out on a mission to help bring today’s generation of children into balance and alignment. Tina’s passions in life are her family, her business, healthy living, reading, meditating, yoga, being by the beach and spending time in the sun in Australia. Now she simply prefers to merge her work with her biggest passions in life – Feng Shui, Numerology, Colour and families which she offers through her business Colour Kids.

I really wanted to have someone speak about the physical environment of a happy home and looked a long time for the right person until I met Tina. Our chat “Happy Home and Happy Family” gets directly to the heart of The Happy H.O.M.E. Project as Tina presents tips on how to create happy confident children and families easily through adjusting the home environment through her unique blend of the three approaches. families.

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20 Heart & Soul Experts Share Their Biggest Keys to Creating a Happy H.O.M.E. and Raising Value-Centered Kids

A FREE Telesummit – From May 11th to May 22nd